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Image Generation Tips

A good prompt will allow you to create images that are realistic and accurate.

  • Use at least three words to describe what you want to see
  • Add adjectives like vintage, high quality, cinematic still, etc.
  • If you want to see a thing, use it in the prompt (example: Planet Mars, Mansion)
  • Describe the style of the art, such as anime, modern, Impressionistic, polished, etc.


Professional Portrait Photograph Of A Gorgeous Pretty Sensual Sexy Beautiful Girl, (((Looking To Me))), Centered, ((Sultry Flirty Look)), Freckles, Cute Natural Makeup, Ultra Realistic, Centered, Concept Art, Elegant, Highly Detailed, Intricate, Sharp Focus, F/1.8, 85Mm, Medium Shot, Mid Shot, (Centered Image Composition), ((Bright Soft Diffused Light)), Hdr, 4K, 8K, Perfect Face, Front View, Completed Head, Sensual Posing, Playboy Woman, Shy Smile, Fine Lips


Created by user1504079

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